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PWA Golf Outing 2014 Earns $19,500 for PSU Children's Hospital...and $148K over the last 9 years!

Thank you so much for having me attend your sponsorship dinner at the tournament yesterday, and for your continued generosity!  We certainly cannot do what we do without your help, and it’s so wonderful to see your constant support of the Child Life program at our Children’s Hospital and the patients that we serve. 
According to my records your total giving over the last 9 years is $148,500 – WOW!  That’s incredible commitment, just imagine the thousands of pediatric patients you’ve reached with your fundraising efforts! 
As you know, our new free-standing Children’s Hospital has been open for over a year now – and it’s an incredible place.  I can only imagine how busy you will be wrapping things up with the tournament, but I would still like to extend an offer for you all to come pay us a visit and see what it is that you are a part of.  We could do a tour and group lunch right here at the facility, just let me know what may work for you. 
I hope you’re all able to get some rest now that the big day has come and gone, and congratulations on a fabulous event!  I look forward to hearing from you again soon!
Kind regards,
 Michaelean Crimmins
Associate Director of Community Fundraising & Cause Marketing
Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Penn State College of Medicine
Office of University Development & Alumni Relations

from: The Hubble Foundation    to: ALL PWA MEMBERS

Dear Chris, Mario, Jim, and ALL PWA MEMBERS!

I am writing this letter to express my most heartfelt appreciation for what you and your organization have provided to Hubble Foundation AGAIN in 2014! We are so excited that you all have been supporting us and we are just absolutely humbled. We are humbled not just by the funds that you were able to raise, but for your generosity of spirit, kind hearts, and your compassion for the telecommunication technicians’ families!

We are continually overwhelmed by your organization! In less than a year, you all have generously donated $16,500!!! You all raised $5,500 just from the Spring Shoot this year! This will go a very long way in scholarships and items and services needed for several of our widows! In addition, you made our representative feel like family, and for that I am so thankful!

Again, I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am that you all support Hubble Foundation in its efforts to care of the families after a fatality in this industry. We are still working towards fruitful change in the industry as well, but we know this will continue to be a long process. Being able to have the support of you and your members makes our ability to care for the families so much easier!

You all have been pioneers as well! Because you all have stepped up to support us, other Wireless Associations are doing so as well! The Carolinas are lined up to call us, and we already have the support of Georgia, California, and possibly Texas!!!!! If you all had not blazed the trail, I believe the support would have further down the road. I believe God knows what we need, when we need it, and He surely places people in our path for His perfect reasons 

I pray that God continues to continually bless each member of PWA and PWA as an organization! You all are in our daily prayers! Thank you for allowing me to serve the industry, and thank you for giving back!

P.S. Ronny and I will be attending your golf tournament this fall, and we can’t wait to see everyone!!!!

Much Love,

Dr. Bridgette Hester, Ph.D.

Bridgette M. Hester



Hubble Foundation

Taking Climber Safety to New Heights

Isaiah 1:17

Dedicated to Supporting the Families of the Fallen


10th Anniversary Membership Contest!

Attention all members. To commemorate our 10th anniversary we are asking each member to bring in 10 more over the course of the year.  It's an easy sell.  A) It's free to join.  B) Not only do we offer great, fun events that contribute to great causes (we have raised $150,000 over the decade for the Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital alone!) and provide networking opportunities but our educational events are informative and insightful (like 2014's DAS Tour of Citizen's Bank Park).  C) we stay on top of and lobby our state legislature on issues affecting the wireless community.  So, yes, it's an easy sell.
But let's sweeten the pot!  Everyone who brings in 10 new members gets a free PWA sweatshirt (we haven't designed it yet but it will be awesome) with the top recruiter getting a grand prize and much praise. 
Don't know if someone is a member?  Check here.
Otherwise just have them log into our sign-up page and make sure they list you as the source.  We'll keep track. 
We are the fastest growing and most active state wireless association in the PCIA family.  Let's make our 10th year our best!

GOLF OUTING 2014 details of winners and photos.

see pics of all the foursomes! 

I wanted to take a minute of your time to thank all the members who came out on Sept 4th to support the PWA and Penn States Children’s Hospital during our annual golf tournament.  It is an honor to be affiliated with these outstanding organizations and I am blessed with these opportunities. 

This year the PWA donated $19,500 to the Child Life Program of Penn States Children’s Hospital bringing our total donations to $148,500 over the past few years.   These funds are typically used to create a more positive, fun and relaxing environment for the children who are receiving long-term care at PSCH. 

The donations and this annual event would not exist without the generous sponsors who continually step up with both financial support and sweat equity.  The importance of sponsorship is critical for sustaining the association’s charitable and regulatory efforts. We must make an effort to personally thank and support the sponsors. 

Please take a few minutes to view the photos from the event, join the PWA on LinkedIn and update your information at LinkedIn or at our web site. 

I would like to thank the members of the board whose time, efforts and financial support make this event a success.  The association would cease to exist without a team of dedicated and driven volunteers like this group.  I am humbled to be affiliated with this team:

    • Adam Cummins
    • Mike Damiano
    • Mario Calabretta
    • Jim Fryer
    • Bert Stern
    • Adrian Berezowsky
    • Nick Limberopoulos
    • Phil Burtner

2015 will be a big year for us. It will be our 10th Annual Golf Tournament and we have already begun to discuss ways to make this event bigger and better than ever.  Because of the tremendous response to participate in 2014, be on the  lookout for early sponsorship opportunities next spring.   Take care.

Chris Pleibel

The Pennsylvania Wireless Association, Inc. ("PWA") is comprised of members of all sectors of the wireless industry. These individuals are committed to educating customers and public officials about our industry and the critical role it plays in Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to cultivate relationships between the various members of the industry and the local communities they serve to help ensure the continued growth and development of our industry.



Collocation Bill is signed into law Oct 24th
Senate Bill 1345 – Act providing for streamlined procedures for reviewing applications for the modification or collocation of wireless communications facilities and wireless support structures.

Legislation Update

The Pennsylvania Wireless Association and PCIA – the Wireless Infrastructure Association have been busy working with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to enact streamlined procedures for the municipal review of the modification and collocation of wireless communication facilities. Specifically, Senate Bill No. 1345, sponsored by Senator Mike Folmer was introduced to the Senate on November 22, 2011 and is currently under review by the Communications and Technology Subcommittee. Additionally House Bill No. 2061, sponsored by Representative Robert W. Godshall was introduced to the House on December 7, 2011 and is currently under review by the Committee on Consumer Affairs.

Jonathan Campbell, Director of Government Affairs for PCIA along with Nick Limberopoulos from Crown Castle and Adrian Berezowsky from IVI Telecom Services, Inc., representing PWA traveled to Harrisburg on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 in order to meet with Fred Sembach, Chief of Staff for Senator Folmer and later with Amanda Rumsey, Counsel for the House Consumer Affairs Committee. The purpose of these meetings was to formally introduce PCIA and PWA to the bill sponsors and to provide preliminary comments and concerns regarding the bills. The main topic of discussion was the recent Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which includes federal collocation by right language of which neither Mr. Sembach nor Ms. Rumsey was yet aware. PCIA and PWA also suggested the possibility of strengthening the federal legislation through the state version and discussed methods of doing same.

The recent state legislation was proposed only after an extensive study by the Joint Legislative Budget & Finance Committee, titled “Cell Phone Service in Pennsylvania” which was released in November 2008. PCIA & PWA along with various carriers providing service in PA were also consulting parties to this report and were able to provide important industry input. The current bills are scheduled for committee hearings on March 29th (House) and May 2nd (Senate). PCIA and PWA will be testifying along with other industry reps at this time and will continue to assist in the enactment of legislation which will hopefully make the municipal review of modifications and collocations in Pennsylvania less time consuming and costly going forward.

For further information please email Adrian Berezowsky (

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