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Ballgame!   Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds:  day game, Thursday @ 12:35 

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APRIL 28th Spring Shoot! 

Monday the 28th in Coplay, PA 

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 @ Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays

2750 Limestone St. Coplay, PA 18037 
(5 miles north of Allentown) 
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2014 Events

East Shoot: April 28, 2014


West Shoot: Date TBD


Ptitsburgh Pirates/Cincinnati Reds: April 24, 2014


Phillies Game: Date TBD


Golf Social: September 3, 2014


Golf Tournament*: September 4, 2014


MD/PA Paint Ball: Date TBD


MS Bike Tour: September 27, 2014


Educational Event/Holiday Social: November - Date TBD

The Pennsylvania Wireless Association, Inc. ("PWA") is comprised of members of all sectors of the wireless industry. These individuals are committed to educating customers and public officials about our industry and the critical role it plays in Pennsylvania.  Our goal is to cultivate relationships between the various members of the industry and the local communities they serve to help ensure the continued growth and development of our industry.



Collocation Bill is signed into law Oct 24th
Senate Bill 1345 – Act providing for streamlined procedures for reviewing applications for the modification or collocation of wireless communications facilities and wireless support structures.

Legislation Update

The Pennsylvania Wireless Association and PCIA – the Wireless Infrastructure Association have been busy working with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to enact streamlined procedures for the municipal review of the modification and collocation of wireless communication facilities. Specifically, Senate Bill No. 1345, sponsored by Senator Mike Folmer was introduced to the Senate on November 22, 2011 and is currently under review by the Communications and Technology Subcommittee. Additionally House Bill No. 2061, sponsored by Representative Robert W. Godshall was introduced to the House on December 7, 2011 and is currently under review by the Committee on Consumer Affairs.

Jonathan Campbell, Director of Government Affairs for PCIA along with Nick Limberopoulos from Crown Castle and Adrian Berezowsky from IVI Telecom Services, Inc., representing PWA traveled to Harrisburg on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 in order to meet with Fred Sembach, Chief of Staff for Senator Folmer and later with Amanda Rumsey, Counsel for the House Consumer Affairs Committee. The purpose of these meetings was to formally introduce PCIA and PWA to the bill sponsors and to provide preliminary comments and concerns regarding the bills. The main topic of discussion was the recent Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, which includes federal collocation by right language of which neither Mr. Sembach nor Ms. Rumsey was yet aware. PCIA and PWA also suggested the possibility of strengthening the federal legislation through the state version and discussed methods of doing same.

The recent state legislation was proposed only after an extensive study by the Joint Legislative Budget & Finance Committee, titled “Cell Phone Service in Pennsylvania” which was released in November 2008. PCIA & PWA along with various carriers providing service in PA were also consulting parties to this report and were able to provide important industry input. The current bills are scheduled for committee hearings on March 29th (House) and May 2nd (Senate). PCIA and PWA will be testifying along with other industry reps at this time and will continue to assist in the enactment of legislation which will hopefully make the municipal review of modifications and collocations in Pennsylvania less time consuming and costly going forward.

For further information please email Adrian Berezowsky (

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